Lunula Laser

Fungal nail infections are frustrating. They are difficult to manage, often unsightly and highly contagious. 

Lunula Laser is currently the safest, most effective fungal nail treatment there is.  It is used extensively worldwide and produces much higher success rates than any traditional treatment, including topical treatments such as ointments, sprays, lacquers and oral medications.

Lunula laser has been proven over numerous clinical trials to be safe, painless and highly effective at eliminating fungal nail infections and on average only four treatments are required.

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How it works

The laser itself operates on a light spectrum that produces a cold laser which completely covers the infected areas. Two laser beams work simultaneously to both destroy the infecting fungus, stimulate blood flow, and get the immune system actively clearing the infection. It’s time to finally say goodbye to fungal nails.

Before & After

FootMed is the second practice in Scotland to invest in the laser system and among a very few in the United Kingdom. Lunula Laser treatment is painless, safe and simple, an extremely effective way to eliminate fungal nail infections.

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7 months treatment


3 months treatment


5 months treatment


Frequently Asked Questions

Your initial consultation is charged at £69.  During this appointment, we will assess the nail and the extent of the infection and your suitability to be treated using the Lunula Laser. 

Photographs will be taken to enable us to track your progress.

The podiatrist will cut and file the nails in order to appreciate their colour, texture and quality.

Once a diagnosis is made we’ll run you through the treatment process and give you an estimate of how many sessions you’ll require, there are different types of fungal nail infections and different severities of infection, each patient is assessed on a case-by-case basis by our experienced podiatrists.

Each Lunula Laser session costs £79 for one foot or hand and £99 for two, the average number of sessions required is four for fantastic results.

You are given a home treatment pack containing a Hygiene and Prevention guide, a pair of cotton or merino wool socks for you to wear immediately following your appointment, an antifungal cream and an antifungal shoe spray. We will advise you on the best application for both.

Your shoes will be sanitised while treatment is given.

Please bring a list of any medication you take, any relevant medical history.

Bring 1-2 pairs of shoes that you commonly wear and will be wearing
throughout the course of your treatment. These will be sanitised while you are being treated to destroy any fungus lingering in your shoes.

Additional pairs can be sanitised at each treatment session.

Please remove any nail polish or lacquer before attending.

You should allow an hour for your initial consultation.appointment .
During this appointment we take your history, assess your feet, cut and file the nails and reach a diagnosis.

If we think you are suitable to be treated with the Lunula Laser and you wish to do so you may have your first treatment or book in for your first laser treatment at the next available time.

Subsequent Laser appointments to complete your treatment will last
between 15 to 25 minutes.

Most people feel little or no sensation while their foot is under the light.

Some patients have commented on a mild tingling sensation- this may be
the result of the stimulating effect of the laser on your circulation.

The laser is completely pain-free with no heat or discomfort. It uses
photochemistry as opposed to heat to destroy the fungus, which has no side effects.

Before the laser treatment, we start by preparing the nail. We may trim it back if needed and thin to reduce some of the fungus.

After laser treatment, we coach you on everything you need to know to get the best results and minimise the risk of reinfection.

This information is a critical key to success and must be followed to prevent reinfection.

This ranges from sanitising your shoes and socks to replacing infected nail polishes and thoroughly cleaning fungus-prone surfaces such as showers.

We will make sure you understand what is expected of you, knowing the right steps to take leads to achieving the best outcome.

Fungus reproduces and spreads through microscopic spores. These spores spread to surrounding surfaces through the air and can land on the skin and nails.

When conditions are suitable, the fungus will grow and infect the nails and/or skin. Ideal conditions for fungal growth are dark, warm and moist environments.

This is why closed in footwear and sweaty feet are ideal for fungus to grow and thrive. Showers are also a common area where fungus spreads and infects the feet.

Family members should be assessed and if infected, be treated at the same time to avoid reinfection.

If you have a fungal nail infection, there’s a good chance that your family members do too because of the surfaces you share like floors and showers, where fungus often spreads. If you bring them in, we can check their feet and nails for any signs that an infection has started to form, free of charge.

We guarantee that you are not alone in sharing this concern.  We see patients daily who are frustrated after having tried countless costly ointments and creams from the pharmacy with no success.

Others have tried prescribed oral medications with no success. It is for these exact reasons that we invested into the cold laser technology of Lunula Laser.

Unlike topical ointments that have a success rate of 5.5% to 8.5% and oral medications that have a success rate of 14% to 50% (with up to a 53% chance of re-infection), studies on our Lunula Cold Laser have repeatedly shown success rates of between 83% to 97% after 4 treatments.

While we can’t guarantee a 100% success rate due to re-infection risks that are out of our control (more so to do with your home environment and immune system), we can guarantee that this is currently the best and most advanced solution for fungal nails available on the market and is used extensively worldwide.

Lunula Laser Nail Treatment

With the Lunula Laser you will begin to see clinical results in as few as 4 treatments. The treatments have a very high success rate for 89% of patients. The treatments are fast, with no pain and no side-effects.

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